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Well, that was ludicrous...

Went to lecture at 12:30. I got my student reviews and my professional evaluator reviews. Student reviews: average of 26.63/30. Evaluator reviews: 27/30. Got great marks for everything. Now I just have to write a 3-4 page (double spaced!) paper on how I worked within my group. It is to be a "reflective summary".

At 12:40 we decided the lecturer wasn't coming. So we left. I could've gone home last night and not missed anything but getting my packet. I drove home, listened to "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", which makes for a stellar book-on-tape, and thought about Lily, because Georgia makes me think about Lily. I want her to listen to my book-on-tape and see what she thinks of the narration. And, of course, of the Georgia-Florida football game.

Got home and have done nothing since. Oh, my NMS Review for USMLE Step 2 is sitting right next to me, but it's virgin unopened still. Waiting for Angel to come home and pick me up for VBS so that we aren't taking three cars. Worrying too much about a lot of things, and not enough about the exam (why am I so indifferent toward one of the biggest exams of my life?) so I'm just waiting for the can't-eat pain and nausea of second-year to come back.
I threw up every day for the first two weeks of second year. I'm convinced I gave myself irritable bowel on top of it.

I've spent the last two hours talking, here at home, and generally feeling like staring into space is preferable to doing anything at all, although on the way home I noted how lovely it was out and resolved to go sit in the backyard and study.
Still no stories. I'll come up with something, I hope. This weekend promises to be busybusybusy.

Perhaps I am miserable, and that is why I am simultaneously dreading and anticipating having a houseful of people this evening. Misery, mes amis, loves company.

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