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Back to School...

I went to my orientation yesterday at 1400, O Best Beloved, and I got my schedule. Thursday-Friday-Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday will be the longest days of the entire rotation, as I am in my subspecialty rotation in Emergency Radiology from 8-11 in the mornings. We all looked at the schedule, confused, and asked questions of each other in soft, disbelieving voices. And then our suspicions were confirmed:
Except for subspecialty, we have lectures from 11-12:15 and 12:30-2:30 every weekday. That is the only thing we're required to attend.
I am so studying for my Boards this month. But first, I think I'll play around with character stories and perhaps tell the tale of the vacation Angel and I went on.

This may be a dry month, or you may have less drama than before. We'll see. I'm sure my life will still be interesting.

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