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Everyone has to write something....

Paint it empty
        paint it grey
   This world seems such
 a crazy place
      We've only proved it true
   Our lives are empty
           Shadowed grey
Turning 'round a sacred void
       Not knowing that it's there

  We're old, we're empty
     We're faded grey
Watching ancient days again
        A memory that's died
   Though it is empty
      And sullen grey
We need to fill the sacred void
            For we don't understand

It isn't empty
        Just painted grey
    A waking dream, filled emptiness
A never-ending prayer
                We think we're empty 
        So wrapped in grey
Too caught up in the paint to see
                   The Presence that is there....
          NsB 09-11-02
                  "Painted grey"
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