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First things first....

And as I opened the tiny laptop's Semagic, I noticed that I had a bunch of quotes stored on it. There are actually more, as I have been writing them on paper so that I don't get distracted from RP as badly, but here's what we havel.
Me: It is a gulf of ichor.
Phloxin: Ick.
Angel: Er...

Phloxin starts humming the Smurfs theme.
Angel: It's an asphyxiated halfling.

Phloxin: A scroll of polymorph. A scrawl of pole-y morph

Jefe: For the benefit of group protection. Which is sort of like group sex
Angel: Except with a condom.

Josh: Power Word: Sanity. Augh, she made her save!

Matt (playing a vampire): My staff does cold damage. I have a frozen drink.

GM: Look, we can't have yin and yin.

Me: What do you do at night?
Jefe: Get things wet. He's a mist.

Angel: An assubus?

GM: A succubus and a blowyoubus.

Angel: If you had an army of mages and they all cast Darkness, would you have an army of darkness? Or would it be an army of Darkness, 15' radius?

GM: What? You can't put that in a wand!
Jefe: I want it! I want it just because it made Phloxy shriek!

GM: Someone roll me a d10.
Nobody rolls.
Me: Seven.
Angel: Eight.
Quinby: Fifteen.
Bri: What kind of d10 are you using?

Jefe: Cocksocket!
Josh: It makes me think of Hot Pockets!

Me: Nothing beats having your mommy's tongue down your throat.

Jefe: Is it incest if it's kept outside the family?

Phloxin: Talk to my undead ass, okay?

Larisa: It's priestess-envy!

Jefe (on Uu'melima meeting her half-sister): Summon water, turn it into a mud pit, stand back and sell tickets.

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