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With a couple of wires, you - yes, you - could be Pippi Longstocking!

Today, my hair is in pigtail braids. I love pigtail braids. I love the way they tuck behind my ears and fly around when I turn my head. I love how everyone tells me I look cute in pigtail braids. I love putting ribbons in them for going to see Harry Potter - one red and one yellow - and wearing my cloak (which I've had since high school) and having people turn around and look as I walk past. I love how people ask me where I got it, and I love saying "I made it." I need to make another cloak.
I need to see if I can con Mom into making me a dress for the St. Vitus Dance. It'd be fun to go in garb.

Neurology exam this morning. I made cupcakes last night, chocolate ones, with fudge icing, and forgot to leave a note for people to eat them. So I had to tell Ryken this morning that it was okay to eat them. I made cupcakes, with one hand on the mixer and the other one going through migraine notes. And I read the book. And I got a 63% before the curve, which is just fine by me, because that means I'm still high-passing Medicine even before Lowene curves it.
Nick kicked its butt, but nobody's surprised by that. We forgive him for being too smart for our good; there's always someone like that. Everyone else was lucky if they passed at all...like a quarter of the class. Mostly...because nobody cared.

It's breaktime now, finally, and I'm going to go hop in my car, go home, type up a few notes, and then take the evening off. And the next day. Make a carrot cake to take to somebody's Thanksgiving (maybe the Bevers' tomorrow, or if they don't want any food, to Matt's family one on Saturday) and clean house a bit.

Ryken leaves on the 2nd, which is sort of a strange thought. I'm so used to having him around...and I worry about what will happen. Be careful. Write. Come back and see me. All that stuff sounds so trite, but I don't know what else to say. Don't let the Air Force break your heart. Figure out who you are. Find a direction to your life, so you aren't so...lost.
I'm going to miss him.

Sadly, I'm already making plans for the corner that his stuff has occupied. I think, over Christmas break, I'll redecorate a bit.

Today, my hair is in pigtail braids. Yay.
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