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Went to the doctor this morning. She wants me to get formal ADD testing, and the place she wants me to get it is covered under my insurance plan, and outpatient mental health services are 100% covered under my insurance plan, with a deductible waiver, so if it counts as that - I tossed off an e-mail - I should be covered.
My doctor does not like to start patients on stimulant medications as adults because then switching off them is a horrible pain in the you-know, secondary to adults really tending to enjoy the "kick" of stimulants. And Strattera is so much easier to use and less addicting. So the plan is, if you wanted to know, O Best Beloved, that I'm to go get formal testing from my doctor's favoured choice of testers. We agree that I am too smart for my own good - intelligence somewhere in the 140+ range by informal testing; I skewed the IQ tests in kindergarten by reading the instructions over the examiner's shoulder and blurting out the answers before she could tell me what to do. We agree that ADD testing can be, like all tests, "gotten around" by someone who is quick enough and clever enough to find the flaws in the testing, as no test is perfect. After all, I'm in this predicament because as a child I was smart enough to get away with being ADD. She had this problem with her own very-bright son. So it's off to a tester who can skew the test to accurately evaluate my symptoms.
That done, we'll give Strattera a try. Possibly not in time for the Boards, but I'll do my best to keep on compensating. This vacation has helped.

Will be heading out of town tomorrow to an undisclosed location somewhere north of here for a little R&R. I may or may not be online; most likely not. We'll be home Friday, for those who are coming early for Saturday's party, and there will be people here in the meantime. Anyone who comes Friday, however, gets to help with final clean-up of the house. :)

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