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It's lunchtime...

Marsh sells sushi. I had sushi and sake last night, and I'm having it for lunch (no sake), since it apparently keeps all right overnight, and it's just darn yummy.

And the computer is free.

Went to a chemical dependency group today, and had my feelings reconfirmed. I want to be so strong and so willing to admit my mistakes. I figured, since I was over at the hospital where I did my anaesthesia rotation, that I'd make a go at finding the staff member who watched me do an NG tube insertion way back at the beginning of January, on the only day when I didn't have my Taika with me to sign off on the procedure. We keep procedure logs, you see. They're required, and we're required to be signed off on everything. And I am missing signatures on three procedures. One is an observation of ventilator management, and two are NG (nasogastric) tube placements. Have e-mailed my resident from Trauma Surgery to ask if she'll sign for vent management; I have done one of the two NG placements - I didn't have Taika, it was the last day of the rotation, I couldn't have her sign.
I walked into anaesthesia control and asked if there was a staff member who was about my height, female, and asian. That's all I could remember about her. There was, only one. And when I paged her, she showed up and agreed immediately that she'd be happy to sign off. One down. One to go.

Also heard back from the OB clerkship director. He says:
Sorry about the delay....finally was able to see $doctor today and he was waiting for some input from one of the residents.
The long and short of it....$doctor reviewed the evaluations with the residents. They all stand by their commments and "find them self-explanatory." $doctor did mention that if you wished, you could arrange to make an appt with him at $hospital for further discussion. He can be reached at $number.

So now I have to nerve myself up to call and make an appointment with $doctor - the site director for $hospital. Because I've gone this far, I can't turn back now. I want to know what I did wrong. Not today. Today I want to revel in getting something signed-off on, and come in early tomorrow to meet up with an anaesthesiologist who'll let me do an NG placement. Tomorrow or Monday. The thought makes my stomach twist.

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