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Megan, I'm going to gouge my eyes out with "Us" magazine before this rotation ends...

And she smiles at me. "Seventeen more days."
Today, when it's done, wil make sixteen.
I have not counted the days in a rotation since Peds Surgery. But I am counting them now, and not because I hate the rotation.

It's because, O Best Beloved, I hate waiting. And waiting is what this is all about. I wait in a small back room without any access to the 'net (my txt messages are my lifeline) and I should pick up a book and study a little, instead of playing Solitaire all day long, and I wait. And once in a while I peek up to the front and see if anyone's got a chart to go do something with.
Eventually, I'll get the charts and go see the clients, but not yet. I'm not comfortable seeing these people, not yet. I intend to stretch out my trial period as long as possible. I'll do it when Megan does.

I have a story to tell you, but perhaps I will write it today rather than now; I am short on time and creativity.

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