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The last month...

This is it, O Best Beloved. I'll be finishing up my third year in a month. I have eighteen days of instruction time in psychiatry - no weekends - and that's it. I'll be done with third year, just-like-that.

Got out early today. My whole schedule is about to change for Psychiatry, though. She wants us in at 9 and out at 6; maybe more like 9:30-6:30. That means I have to get up in the morning and go to Curves at 7, come back here and shower quick around 8, leave again at 8:30, and stay later than before. It's not so much the readjustment I mind - with luck, I'll actually manage to -get- to Curves a couple times a week - it's the staying late. Six is late now. Six AM is not so early as it used to be.

I have a breaking-in period where I don't have to see patients all alone; I intend to stretch it out. Being in crisis intervention means I get to see whoever walks through the door. Today - one addiction to lortab, one lady with a precious and precocious little two-year-old daughter. As the girl sat on my lap, quiet and playing with her Hello Kitty sticker, her mother informed us that the world was going to end soon, that Jesus had told her that, and that the prophet at her church was helping her get over her needs to hurt herself. But she was still afraid because someone was going to kill her, she was sure of it. One lady to send home, now that she wasn't trying to kill herself any more.
I have never given a Folstein Mini Mental Status Exam to a patient. We didn't use them in the children's hospital; they require an 8th grade education. Everyone else has. I feel...left out.

Neurology final exam results: a tentative approximately 90%. I can deal with that, oh yes.

R gave me a fish tank, a 29-gallon monster with a stand and all sorts of equipment, as his wife prefers cats. We have put rocks in it and are now cycling the water through the filter and heating it, though there are neither fish nor plants in it currently. The book we have says to put in plants and let them grow for a few weeks; the gentleman at Petwarehouse (our current fish supply store of choice) says that it would be better to let it run for a week or so and then put in plants and fish at the same time, so as to allow the fish to fertilize the plants. I know that when it comes to plants I can go running to indurate and he knows just about everything, but when it comes to fish...who will be my guru? I don't want them to die.

Checked my e-mail today and found the following:

This email is to let you know that $person has requested to sign you up for the World of Warcraft beta test. You are now on a waiting list to be added to the beta. Once we are able to add additional people to the test, we will send you a new email with instructions on how to create your account, download, and play. Until that time, please be patient and do not contact Blizzard employees for a status update. They do not have this information.

Thanks for your interest in helping us beta test World of Warcraft. We look forward to adding you to the beta and seeing you in Azeroth as soon as possible!


Blizzard Entertainment

I'm on the World of Warcraft beta-test waiting list! This is probably a bad idea, as it will sink my time even more than roleplaying, but I'm still thrilled to bits. What absolute fun!

Essay is turned in to Dr. R for review, he says preliminarily it looks great. Encountered Jennifer, who asked me if I was interested in FM still, and we discussed getting things restarted in the FMIG. It looks so promising. So exciting!

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