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A little exam fun for me...

All right, everyone:
I posted a request on staircase_wit's journal not so long ago, asking for his autistic spectrum friends to tell me what I, as a doctor, should be doing to make an autistic patient feel as comfortable as possible. I believe, firmly, that communication is the absolute key to healing, and that without it my purpose as a doctor is empty. And comfort is the gateway to trust, which is key to communication.
I'm going to expand it now: I'm asking you, O Best Beloved, and any of your friends who might happen to want to tag along for the ride:

Imagine, for a moment, that it is four years from now and I am practising medicine with my unrestricted license. You are my patient. What should I, as a doctor, be doing to make you want to come back both when you are not feeling well and to maintain your health?

You may look at this situation in several ways. I'm looking for the experiences you've had - the bad and the good - the things that doctors have done to you that you could not stand or absolutely loved. I'm looking for the things you wish doctors would do and the things you hope you will never see. I'm looking for anecdotes, stories, things that are possible in this age of HMO's and managed care and things that you don't think are possible. Spread it out - ask your friends.
How else am I going to learn what people really think?

And now I go to study neurology.

[Edit: I don't care if you all say the same thing, I want to hear what everyone has to say :) ]
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