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An imperfect tap...

Our cell count was back this morning, on the tubes of CSF we collected from my little chili pepper of a baby, the tubes we sent to our lab for ordinary tests, and froze some of. Tube 3 - our tube 3, drawn after five tubes to send to Texas, the cell count tube here - tube 3's results came up on the computer in red.
RBC: 170 *H
"Damn," L says softly. "All that and there was still blood in it." You can't do mass spectroscopy on a sample with blood, it seems. With luck, it'll still be good enough.

I think, but I am not certain, that she went home today while I was in lecture. I was, after all, in lecture from 1400 to 1830, and I stayed awake for it all. I did not stay completely awake during Radiology Rounds this morning, and the staff giving them made noises when I drowsed. She asked a question, then "Isn't that right, Nykki?" roused me from my semi-stupor.
It was a buggerin' CT scan of the auditory canals. I couldn't tell what the heck it was, she wasn't explaining, It looked like snails at a singles bar for shelled things. I lost interest when I couldn't follow her little diatribe and zoned completely out. Everyone was embarrassed for me. L, rolling her eyes later: "She's a bitch."

Good to know that my resident likes me. We must learn and do neuro exams on each other, and soon. Which implies me being able to do a neuro exam.
Which I will never do if I don't get some sleep.

I don't mean to imply that nothing happened today in Neurology, but we did talk about movies for an hour.

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