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Thursday was a slow day, so very very slow. And Thursday evening I looked up churches of the Brethren in Indianapolis and went to Love Feast for the first time in years. I saw the woman who babysat me as a child, now a practising paediatrician. We talked about medical school. I met the grandmother of the girl born seven days after me, the girl whom I would call my "good twin". The pastors at Northview were campus pastors at Manchester when I was there. It's the Brethren connection; I can always find someone I know or am related to by some kind of string of events. Next time I round on a Sunday morning and want some company after, I know where to go.
There's a poem I've been writing for probably four years, maybe more, trying to put into words the feel of Tennebrae, and I'm still working on it. It's all a-scribble as of last night. Maybe someday I'll finish it.

Angel picked me up and we drove back here. The drive is so much shorter when there's someone with me.

So Quinby went to see her parents, leaving Angel and I with a whole weekend alone, just the two of us, with the exclusion of RP on Friday night.
I slept in Friday and woke up in a sulky mood. I whined and threw fits and fought with Angel like some kind of demented child most of the day, which is depressing, considering that he came home early from work and it should have been a wonderful afternoon. In my pique, I did manage to move some moderately-bulky objects from the front room to the garage attic, though, so it wasn't completely wasted.
We got the supplies to make Indian food - including naan from scratch - but then it was too late to make it, so we postponed it and made food this afternoon instead. Naan is a lovely bread, and as breads go quite easy to make. Angel made paneer and dal as well, and it was delicious.

In anticipation of the possibility of parents showing up, I decided it was long past time to do the spring cleaning I keep talking about doing. And somehow I convinced Angel to agree. We've spent today doing a lot of much-needed work on the house, vacuuming, picking up, tidying, and generally making the place look like a house instead of an enlarged version of a dorm room. I got to use the crevice tool on my vacuum cleaner, and it made the grey dust bunnies at the edge of the stairs disappear. I still wound up peeling hair out of the beater bar about fifty times, as having three long-haired people in this house makes for more shedding than a pack of Persians.

We've negotiated with each other and decided that when we can afford it we'll put in some real shelving for the DVD's and videos, so that we can remove the rack blocking off the cabinets. I also have a plethora of curios and corner cabinets I'd like to install.

And then we went and got Easter supplies, and came home and went out again in pursuit of chai. Chai. I feel like such a yuppie.

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