I whisper your name (ayradyss) wrote,
I whisper your name

Tonight's quotes...

Jeff: Yeah, I went to Europe because my mother broke her leg.
Phloxin (cheerfully): Now you're both gimpy.

Josh: There's this thing called the law...and unfortunately, sometimes, we have to pay attention to it.

Phloxin: My letter font's not very cool. It looks like Helvetica 12.

Josh: ...Yeah, a surgeon...specialized in paediatrics. I had my awakening during a surgery...the kid was going to die...there was a little miracle, but it didn't go over well with the Medical Ethics Board.

James: I'm easy to forget. He's difficult to follow.

Josh: So Grandma's in Hawai'i.
Me: No, Mom's in Hawai'i.
Josh: Mom.
Me: Yeah. I have a mother.
Josh: I I had my doubts.

Jeff: Case is still trying to figure out why Liz...no, not Liz..porno-chick...her...
GM: Jen?
Jeff: Yeah. Jen.

Lily: So if you take a rock away from the volcano it's supposed to be bad luck.
Jeff: Yeah, because Hawai'i isn't going to get any bigger if people keep taking away rocks.

Josh (on Hawai'i): Isn't the state motto like "Give me all your money and get the hell out of here"?

Josh: That's like looking for a book on the Illuminati at the library.

Jefe: I like her idea better, because I didn't think of it.

Phloxin: You know, I bet there's going to be an awful lot of Mile-High-Clubbers on this flight, with Jax around.

Me (looking at Lily, sleeping): Did we lose Liz?
Jeff: Yep.
Josh: Jet lag.

Phloxin: Mother, what have they done to you?
GM: Too much vodka.
Phloxin: First of all, no such thing. Second of all...

Phloxin: Could you generate another ward inside the ward that would ward out the ward?
Me: Ow.

Me: Jen and her bi go and flirt with the guards.
Jeff: Bi?
Me: It's not much of a bikini. More a bi.
Phloxin: Yeah, I've got the kini.

More updates later, I'll figure it out eventually...
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