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Things to make you laugh... - Nobody wears a white coat any more... — LiveJournal
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
Things to make you laugh...
http://www.bash.org: a database of IRC chat quotes. Like the following:
Kazz> Do vampires have anuses? Cause that's why I wouldn't let this kid invade a vampire's anus in this RPG, right, I was GMing, and his character was an Anus Shade, with the power to possess and control the anuses of people and animals.. and I figured that vampires don't have anuses.
Zaratustra> a vampire's anus is present, but non-working.
Zaratustra> like a network card without the appropriate driver.
Kazz> Wow. You're the biggest dork on Earth.
Sharkey> And you're DMing an rpg with Anus Shades.
I've done nothing this evening but RP and watch Knight Hunters on DVD. It feels so good. Tomorrow I'll have to cram like mad for the Neuro exam on Wednesday (the one that everyone always fails, and they curve like nuts), but tonight...tonight I've done nothing. Yay.

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