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I had something to say, but I don't remember what now.

Jefe: If you can call it playing Mage. We just sit around, make bad jokes, and occasionally cast spells.

Me: And we go...wherever it is...we're supposed to be going.

Josh: I have my standard equipment. (giggles ensue) Well, geez! Of course I have that...

Josh: So we shouldn't shoot anyone.
Me: We don't shoot anyone.
Josh: I have a silencer.
Me: We don't shoot anyone.

Jen and Mike have a long discussion while the group is going to make war on the evil people.
James: Wait...didn't you drive yourself?
Josh: Oh, yeah...
Larisa: This has been a telepathic conversation...

Jefe: How many people are there?
Angel: I was getting to that...as soon as I made up the number.

Me: Who just asked how many people there were?
Jefe: I did.
Me: Oh...I should've figured.

Jefe: If anyone in the world has a terabyte of porn...
James: ...there's bound to be something illegal in there.

Me: So what's the ward made of?
Josh: Magic.

Jefe: She's going to change the Paradox Spirit into a familiar - "I've got better benefits."

Phloxin (Princess-Bride-Style): And bwood, fwesh bwood....

Josh: The fairy endemic or the fairy demographic?

Me: Jax is stuffing mufflers...Leynia, what are you doing?
Phloxin: Her nails?

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