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"No, Tolkien is my smack daddy..."

"...George Lucas has become the street dealer on the corner."

I had a half-day yesterday and a day off today. The study is much cleaner than before. I haven't studied. We're watching the original Star Wars trilogy, and I will not lie to you, O Best Beloved, when they were sitting in the mouth of the big asteroid worm and the mynock landed on the windshield of the Millennium Falcon, I jumped a good six inches in startlement.
I am so ashamed. I need to watch this movie more. I'd forgotten how enthralling the space-opera feel of it was, how the characters leap to life in sound bites and scenes.

In other news, I want Angel to be in the WoW beta, dangit.

And now back to "Renal Diseases, Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders, and Hypertension". Bonus points to anyone who can tell me what review book I'm currently studying from.

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