I whisper your name (ayradyss) wrote,
I whisper your name

Not how I planned on today...

I got up this morning around 9ish, or maybe it was 10. Probably more like 10. I meant to go to Curves, so I called my dad to see when he was planning to be there to talk about the bookshelves in the study.
"I'm in your driveway."
So we talked about the shelves and we planned things out and he said "how about I build them today?"
So he went for lumber and I went for Curves, despite nearly talking myself out of going, since I'd told Dad I was going to go work out. And when I got back I played Playstation and I snuggled with Angel, who was feeling a little sulky since I kept changing weekend plans on him, and I hung out and didn't study until 2 or so, when Dad showed up with lumber and all that jazz. And then we built floor-to-ceiling bookshelves along the wall of the study and started unpacking boxes. We have more lumber to put shelves into the computer room closet with, and I have a plethora of small clear plastic shoeboxes to fill with computer things.
Also, while I was standing outside looking at the lamppost and explaining to Dad that it didn't work, he told me to try a different bulb in it anyway. The bulb was burnt out when we moved in. I replaced it. Apparently with a burnt-out bulb. We disassembled the glass casing, washed the glass, put it back together right, and it works much better. Plus, the lamp turns on now.

And then Quin came in. "K broke up with Z." Well that settles it, she's coming here to cry and to try and gather her pieces, and we have cake and ice cream if she wants it. And she is indeed welcome. She got here about the time we got tired of unpacking boxes of books (probably only 10 or 12 to go, but the bookshelves are getting full; perhaps we should devote them to science-fiction/fantasy only. Maybe then there'd be enough room) and had a bit of time before she apparently fell asleep.

It's been a productive, if strange, day. And I feel good about it, overall. But tomorrow, O Best Beloved, tomorrow Quin and I sing "Awesome God" at church and then I have to study. Really truly truly.

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