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Quotes from this evening...

In which a renegade mage tries to crash Jen's 18th birthday party...

Angel: The evening passes.
Phloxin: Gas?

Phloxin: The pyre's on fire! I'll say it.
Angel: The pyre starts flaming, is that any better?
Phloxin: Oh, my God! Is that any sort of accessory?

Me (on Life 4): Look, I have a penis now...
Angel: Guess what you have!
Quinby: I'll show you yours if you'll show me mine.

Josh: Vicissitude: Don't piss me off, or I'll rip your dick off and stick it to your forehead.

Phloxin: Hello, insert-name-here.

Angel: Wow, these [dice] are like crack...

James: Are there any trees in the front yard?
Phloxin: Not any more.

[Leynia acquires a Paradox Spirit named Cynda]
Phloxin: I like it, I like it!
Me: Yes, but does Leynia?
Phloxin: Nope. She's a little creeped out right now...

Still working on a real entry, O Best Beloved. Trying to sort out the things that have happened the last few days. Nothing big.

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