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Things I learned today...

Courtesy of theferrett: It really is just deserts, believe it or not. But it's pronounced just like "just desserts" would be, owing to it having been borrowed from the French.

There's another virus propagating. This time it's coming from a different infected computer and assailing my e-mail account, prompting us to learn a bit more about Postfix in order to quit processing messages from that computer's IP. Bloody people.

Wednesdays, O Best Beloved, are tedious, the kind of day when you wish something cataclysmic would happen, just to liven the monotony. Dr. MO is the kind of doctor who is happy to teach and explain when you ask questions, but who doesn't think to let students do things...in fact, he tends to seem to forget I'm there. He doesn't even introduce me when we go into a room. I know, I should ask him if I can see patients or something, but he's so busy. I hate to get in the way.
I got a new high score on Puzzle of Pipes. That's how slow today was. I wish I had something to talk about, O Best Beloved, but the most exciting thing I saw today was a cardiac cath.

Unless the one question I got about what a 'code' is isn't the only inquiring mind out there. Please, O Best Beloved, I'm happy to explain anything when I get too technical. After all, you are the same as the patients I'll be seeing someday.

Welcome to roomette and animatedreality. A fond farewell to the people who've disappeared. It's strange, I always wonder why when people take me off their lists. Is it, like my father says, that I simply write too much? Or are they tired of me not having added them back? Sometimes I don't get around to adding people back until much later. Sometimes not at all.

Curves tomorrow. I have to go. I think I'll pack my stuff and go terrectly after work, before going home. That way I'll be unable to get my sitting-still inertia going. I can't gain weight. It's unhealthy and it makes me feel slow. Much better to alter my diet (I think Angel is having migraines secondary to processed flour, anyway) and exercise, both of which are healthy and make me feel good.
Hence the grocery shopping which has resulted in a freezer full of marinating fish, frozen veggies, and brown rice (not in the freezer, on the shelf in the garage).

And I'm sleepy already. To bed.

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