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Oh, and I forgot to mention...

I got a new phone - the Verizon new-every-two plan was up for newness. Service change - I have unlimited calling to any Verizon network phone now, and I have unlimited calling to Angel. And now I have a camera phone, which I have not yet purchased a messaging plan for, so we're sending picture messages at 25¢ a shot, send or receive. But I do have the Star Wars theme for my ringtone, and the Imperial March as Angel's Caller ID ring.
And Daddy's stopping by next weekend to go over the bookshelves for the study. That would be awesome.

It's 11:40 PM. I have to be at the hospital at 07:00 tomorrow. If I went to bed right now I wouldn't get my 6 hours of sleep...and I'd miss the rest of Ocean's 11. But I need it. Tomorrow will be a long day. A very long day, I'm afraid, O Best Beloved. I don't want to round with Nephrology...there's just no fun in standing by and doing nothing.
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