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RP quotes from last night...

Me: Yeah, Shin, the guy who was wearing Jen as an accessory.
Jefe: The question is, what kind of accessory is Jen?
Me: A cock ring?

Jefe: Case practises neither vulgar language nor magic.
Angel: You take the El to the nearest stop.
Jefe: Would that be "M"?

Angel: You get on the El, you get off the El. You go down the road a bit...
Everyone: That's what it's all about!

Lisa: Quin's boob is bouncing on my knee.

Jefe: Nykki, at some point you'll find an eyeball. I'm sorry. I was playing with it and I threw it up and I don't know where it went.

Jefe : There went all my fun. I just wanted to push the buttons on the inside.

Angel: You have shattered metal.
Me: Sounds like a garage band.

Lisa: I'm just dancing, chained to the bed.
Jefe: It's like StripHouse Rock.

Phloxin: Leynia, whose skin appears to be made of diamonds.
Lisa: Sparkly, you can blind people. You can be like "bling bling this, muthafucka."

Jefe: I'm really actually as cute as he thinks he is, but I don't have to fake it.

Phloxin : Appearance 5, look like I should be appraised at Cartier.

Jefe: Once again I issue the command to Leynia: "Ho."

Jefe: You wanted to live the American dream, Leynia, you can go west with us. Participate in...um, starts with M.
Josh: Manifest Destiny?
Jefe: Yeah, thanks.
Josh : No problem. We're history majors, it's what we're here for.

Lisa : Why are we saving this lady?
Josh : Because she has a 4 Appearance, much like you. It's a straight guy thing.

Nykki : I have to go use the restroom. Don't rescue me before I get back.

Jefe : Case sighs. "I was hoping to have a nice clean breakout..."

James : I'd like to use my knowledge of medicine and anatomy to insert my stake upwards under the fifth rib...
Jefe : Actually, it's the fourth rib.
Angel : Just roll dex + melee, dammit.

Jefe : I have four extra ones, but I still like the big one.
Quin : Oh. Toes.
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