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Augh. Snarl.

It was bad - frustratingly, pouty bad - when one person said he couldn't make it to RP. It's a character whose attitude is probably going to be very helpful in keeping my little Jenny from going berzerk.
Now the person who's been leading the group just posted saying she can't probably make it, and that her character's gone off somewhere or something IC'ly.

That means half to three-quarters of the session would be with only 3 players of the 7. One doesn't get there until 10:30 because of work, which would make four. It's supposed to be an end-of-story session. I'm number 5, and I'm out of the picture as far as RP goes because Jen's still kidnapped and they were supposed to be saving her tonight.
I had originally planned to come back here just for RP tonight, and drive back to Indy after RP. Now I'm glad I got Saturday off, because if we're short that many players for an end-of-story, it really should just get pushed back a week. Which means it will be a full month where I don't get to RP. How frustrating.

How fast my good mood disappears. Hoping I can get in touch with the one who just posted - maybe she'll just be late, maybe she'll be here tonight. We can start late. I can cope with that. I just want to roleplay for once.

[Edit: Set up the karaoke machine, made plans for dinner, cancelled RP tonight, and everything is better now that my Angel's home and I get to spend time with him.]

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