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Shandahr's name...

One of those unwritten stories in my head that I'm still trying to work out.
And bones of white forgotten lay
   With eagle's flights to bind them,
To caves of night they bring false day,
   And seeking shadows, find them.

Walk softly here among the bones
   That wait with shadows lining;
My Shandahr sweet now make thee known
   To loose the eagles' binding.

And who, my Shandahr, hast thee found
   In summer-silvered meadow
To tell the tale of night unbound
   The triumph of the Shadow?

Thy hands, my Shandahr, only thine
   May false obeisance shatter - 
And bring once more the dark divine,
   Thy night to settle matters.

Unbind the bones, my Shandahr cold,
   And burn the eagles' feathers;
Replace the paths that lay of old,
   Of bone and ash together.

This ancient peace is stale and strained
   Sweet Shandahr mine, thou know'st it.
Usurping crown - too long hast reigned - 
   Now thy sweet hands o'erthrow it.

Take up thy crown, thy rod of rule,
   O Shandahr, cruel thy making!
Rise up from bones thy armied ghouls
   And bid them share thy waking.

O, silvered locks and eyes of mist,
   O, child of smoke and sorrow:
Take up thy sceprre as they wished - 
   Those who foresaw this morrow

And Shandahr mine, bring forth thy night,
   All clad in royal raiment,
And cloaked in thy unholy light,
   And crowned with bone and radiance.

Thy armied ghouls about the shand,
   Now ready for the battle - 
'Tis thine, O Shandahr, all this land,
   Its peoples all - thy chattel.

Raise up the gleaming rod of rule
   And see the shadows greet thee - 
Stand proud, my Shandahr, cold and cruel,
   For none will now defeat thee.

And night will settle on the land
   O'er all but silvered meadow
A path of blood before thy hand
   A war of smoke and shadows

In fire and blood my Shandahr proud
   Thine upstart king destroying
And speak no word - condemn nor laud - 
   Send him to caverns cloying.

With rising sun thy armies fall
   No charge they need to break them
But Shandahr cold, thy hate is all
   The conquered lands to take them

Then rest, my Shandahr, on thy throne
   And with thy people quiver
Then slip away, just thee alone
   To cross the moon-dark river

Cast off thy crown, thy robe of night,
   Abandon rod and shadows
And Shandahr sweet, then take thy flight
   Back to thy silvered meadow

O Shandahr-love, until the call
   Of false obeisance summons
Come dance, come sing, forget thy fall
   In meadows sweet with summer

And arms await thee, Shandahr-mine,
   My love, my light, my only
We'll sup and drink and love like wine
   And never leave thee lonely.
                        NsB 21-08-02
                                "Shandahr my love"

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