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The times we live.

No razor blades today. My new patient weighs nearly three Hoosier Units, tipping the scales at 560 lbs. We discussed overweight patients. The team record stands at 780, but Jim says he didn't do anything but lie around. He's a very nice man, pleasant and cooperative, who's here because he has a nasty ulcer.
I could've done worse. Jenny admitted a patient who's been to the ED 9 times in 3 months with "chest pain" that seems to only be resolved by strong narcotics. There's nothing wrong with his heart. The only thing wrong is that his prescription's run out. He's a homeless man who fills his scripts when he can find the cash, smokes four packs of cigarettes a day, and goes through 120 Percocets a month. Jim's patient walked out of the hospital a week ago after coming in with a hemoglobin of 4 and getting transfused. He walked out with his IV line still in, because it makes it easier to shoot up cocaine. Now he's back. He has lymph nodes and masses and some kind of tumour everywhere, but nobody seems to know what it is, only that he's a DNR and Dr. G is talking palliative care.

People are strange. S told us about her patient, who was admitted for seizures secondary to cocaine usage. He was accustomed to go out and smoke in the afternoons, which is not unusual. What was unusual was that he was readmitted to the team from the ED while he was still an inpatient...because he'd had another seizure. Because he wasn't going out to smoke, he was going out to shoot up cocaine.

People are very strange.
There's a jumprope at Curves up here, where I go and they know me as if I were a member there, not just a travelling exerciser. I like to jump. I remember the jumprope team at Weisser Park/Whitney Young where I went to elementary school, and how they could double dutch and do all sorts of tricks. Nowadays, it seems that my trick is that I can jump rope. I always use it halfway through the rotation, each time around, instead of a rest station, because I like to jump. And today, I did my first round skipping rope, and the second doing the double-footed jump. It was going so well, I tried a double-jump and almost made it before the rope nailed my toes and stopped just before the second spin. Must raise feet higher. Half of the women applauded. I even got a whistle. It made me self-conscious but it also made me feel good. I can jump rope. I can't jump backwards any more, more's the pity.

On Disc III of FFIX. Bloody game. I've not gotten anything done tonight.

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