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What if...

Next time you're having a bad day, consider this:
What if you're a Siamese twin...
Attached at the shoulder-down.
Your twin brother is gay. You aren't.
He has a date coming over tonight...
...and there's only one ass between the two of you.
Courtesy of Scott K.

Lowene, lovely marvellous woman, has the exams graded. Everyone comes into the lab: "Well...did all right. Not as good as I'd wanted, but well enough." Which is sort of how I feel. 71% on a 28-question exam, with one question I want to argue.
I'm fairly certain that the lecturer we had on PKU told us that you could reverse the cerebral degeneration to some degree, as long as you treated it soon enough. It's not as good as treating the kids right away, so that there is no cerebral degeneration, but you can reverse it to some degree.
That'd be a 74. I have the points to carry the exam up to passing; it's not that big of a deal. And it only counts 2/3 as much as any other exam - so the extra four points from my 89 will make it a 77, which is what I got on the last lab exam too.
I do all of this complicated math to make sure I'm still passing. I should stop worrying so much. I'm in good shape. Not stellar, but I'm resigned to being a mediocre student in the classrooms. I got one high-pass, in Medical Genetics, and the rest are passing. Everyone else is doing great; I'm doing all right.

Lindy's trying to get the lecture cancelled for tomorrow afternoon so that we can take the time to study for Wednesday's Neuro exam. But we can't just say "skip you, we have an exam," so we're going to have it. And the usual complement of us will show up, out of politeness. Including Jim - who's so unprofessional, according to Dr. Koritnik.

Overheard, as we're cracking on Dr. Bell's use of completely hilarious phrases like "golly gee", "the whole ball of wax", and things like that all the time:
Scott: "Makes you wonder what we say about you behind your back, Dr. V..."
Vilensky: "I don't care. I'm done with you guys. You can all go to hell."
Jim: "And you'll be waiting for us there."
Vilensky: "I'm Jewish. I don't bother with that crap."
Riotous laughter. Note that Vilensky teaches first-year anatomy, so he really is done with us. He's a rough professor, but he knows his stuff.

Everyone: "Nothing I studied was on the test!"
Speaking of nothing I studied...it's time to head over to pharm.

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