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So it wasn't such a little nap.

Angel woke me up two hours later to tell me to just go to sleep. So I did, and I've had like 10 hours and I feel pretty good, thanks.

It's morning, a little before 6 AM, and Angel is coming down for the afternoon. He was maybe going to bring me company but it looks like no, that unexpected company popped in for a visit this weekend at home instead and the original plans fell through.
Too bad. It would've been fun.

I got to talk a little bit with people last night before my nap, people I've missed talking to. Everything in everyone else's life is a nightmare tangle of emotions and attachments and miscommunication. And I can't do anything about it, because they're all locked in their own paradigms. Love isn't supposed to hurt like this. And it hurts me to know how much pain there is, but it hurts me so much more to know that there's pain and people aren't talking. Because I want to be a healer...and I believe that part of my Purpose is to heal...but I feel like I'm staring at a seeded infection, walled off in some kind of abscess of misery. And I want to shake people sometimes, because there seems to be this underlying refusal to change. They keep doing the things that hurt them. They keep following the paths that wound them. They keep closing their eyes.
And I've done it. I've been there. Someone shook me.

On a lesser note, Q, even if you forget to ask if it's a bad time, it's only polite to mention when you're going to have people over for a weekend, seeing as how other people in the house need to make plans as well, and it's good to know if we're going to have guests. And when were you planning on mentioning that Lisa's going to visit in the beginning of March?

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