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Take another shot of courage...

Good news and pictures:
Surgery exam scores came...

Almost a SD above the mean. What a wonderful thing to see.

And, as promised, the pictures of my former car...

The rear view

That's the overall damage to the car - they pried open the trunk in the interim; it was pinned in by the rest of the rear end when last I saw him. Promise, all I edited was the license plate, and that's because I don't have Photo Editor installed to blur the numbers.

The side view

And that's the way the side buckled up when it got hit. The body is actually dragging against the tire pretty effectively, and the muffler really isn't supposed to be quite that low.

The trunk-ish

The trunk on the passenger's side has an opening roughly half the size of what it should be, if you can't tell. Pretty effectively crumpled all the stuff inside, sent panels spraying all over the trunk. But I got my toolkit out just fine. Now I have to pick safety glass out of it.

IUSoM sigil

And that's the little clingy decal I got from IUSoM when I first started going there. It's been through a lot - so much, in fact, that when I peeled my decals off the shattered safety glass, the middle (the IU sigil) peeled out and the rest stayed behind. But my clingy decals came with me, and I left the glass they'd held together behind.

I have a few more shots, one of the safety glass all over the back, one or two more of the damage. If anyone wants to see. But those are pretty representative.
And that, O Best Beloved, is that. Waiting on a call from the adjuster, because I seriously doubt that's repairable damage.

And the icon? That's me and my Grandpa, a long long time ago.

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