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So I went into the hospital at 0600 on Friday like a good girl, and I rounded on my patient, and I wrote my note, and I talked almost as fast as Dr. K, and then I went and I called people and hunted for test results until I finally got hold of the correct test results, and then it was 1500.

O paged me - "I've got one for ya." I love O. He's an awesome resident. I scampered down to the ED and admitted a sweet but worried old lady on coumadin with a GI bleed. Hemoglobin rock-solid-stable at 12.4, but she was a symptomatic 12.4 with fatigue and lightheadedness, most likely due to the anxiety of all this. She was also tender all over. CT showed nothing dangerous but a belly full of diverticuli - little outpouchings of the colon, likely the source of what was not a life-threatening bleed. Tucked her in and presented her to staff, then gave her some antibiotics for the Most Likely Cause of her problems - early diverticulitis. To be perfectly honest, we don't know if she actually had diverticulitis or not, but we didn't want her sitting in the hospital over a weekend when there was no reason for her to be there except her pain and fear, because she was very likely to just get sick from being in the hospital. So we treated her.
Admitted one more patient, a very sweet lady with a history of stroke whose left leg suddenly got weaker. No clue why, except that she's an uncontrolled diabetic who's also in denial about her hypertension and not taking those pills either, so most likely her blood sugar of 500 was contributing. She's a very cute lady, not so old, living on her own despite her left side being practically nonfunctional. With luck, she'll go back to it. We're not so confident.

We made cap - nine admissions - at around 20:00, and after I finished writing up my H&P's, there was nothing for me to do. I can't write orders, after all. So I went up to the call rooms, having previously scoped them out with my fellow students, found one I liked and put my name on the door, and made my bed. After all, Housekeeping had evidently forgotten to make it. There were scrubs in the corner of the room - not mine - and the sheets were rumpled. I got four or five blankets, stole a second pillow from the stack of three in ENT's call room, and made the bed with several sheets. I like my beds warm. And then I toted myself off to the computer and chatted with Angel while I redid my H&P to suit my need to have it look right. Went to bed at midnight and got up at 0600, only a few coughs overnight.
I started coughing once I got up and I've been coughing while vertical ever since. Sent the lady with the bleed home on antibiotics as her pain was all better, will schedule her for a scope top and bottom as an outpatient. Wrote a discharge summary for her, wrote my daily notes, and O sent me home - "See you Monday."

Got hold of Angel as he and Quin were entertaining the idea that going out to a $72 down/$72 a month car sale would be a good thought. Told him to go. Met him out at Bart's Car Store, where Q found a car that was just her size - and hung out to sign papers, since we're using our good credit to cosign her loan. You've done a good job with her, Mom says. Quin, I think, is starting to feel like someone. That's an amazing thought, that maybe I have made a difference in someone's life. I discovered suddenly that Bart's has an open Wireless-G connection and brought Tinuviel in to play on the 'net, watched the salesman drool over her. I love having a beautiful computer.
Car shopping with Q got me thinking about Michel-Ange, and the fact that he's going into the shop tomorrow to see about why he's leaking brake fluid. I have a 1987 Honda Accord with 247,000 miles on it. I've put 24,000 of those miles on it in the last year and a half. We've put just as much money into maintaining the car as we originally spent, and that was our cutoff point for looking for a new car. So we started looking a bit. More than a bit. We called the bank to find out whether we can get a bank loan to cover the car I want, and will get word on pre-approval on Monday morning. I want a Mini Cooper. Mini Coopers are out of our budget range, unless we want to live on mac and cheese and stop feeding our friends, and if we're going to skimp, we don't want it to be for my cool car. So we did some looking. There's a 2002 Civic Coupe that looks super cute and is in our budget range. If I get out early tomorrow we'll go up to see about a test drive and making a deal. Wish me luck, O Best Beloved. I could use a new car.
As far as Michel-Ange goes, trade-in value is low and we might sell him to my dad instead unless we get a surprise good offer. Angel's going to have Scott the Honda God fix the seatbelt and see what's wrong with the brakes. If it's not expensive, we'll fix it. If it's expensive and we can live without fixing it for a week or so, then we'll just trade the car in as it is.

That was my weekend - nothing if not busy, not as restful as I would've liked, but productive. And capped off by having to get the new furnace repaired. Thankfully it's warrantied, and the house is warm again. Tomorrow I go in and tend to my patients, maybe take an admit or two, and with luck I'll be excused after lectures and I can be in Fort Wayne to look at cars.
I need to study more. Fortunately, Taika will allow me to study at the hospital even when I don't have a computer. I have eMedicine.com on her. I haven't felt like I wanted to study for a while now...

And it's 2300 and bedtime. I have a big day tomorrow. I'm excited about all of it, for once.

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