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You Americans and your drafty buildings, Joerg says to me. If it weren't for Riley Hospital, Indianapolis would be five degrees colder.
We were sitting in the cafeteria there, having lunch, because it's the best cafeteria on campus. And I laughed, but it's true. The hospitals are friggin' drafty. And coooooold in some rooms.
Fridge? Just put it on the windowsill, the resident says to me. It's six f*in' degrees out.

I don't know how I made it through today; my mind is a haze. Between the stuffy nose and the decongestants to keep me going, I don't remember much at all. Arrived late at 0650 and still managed to see my one patient before rounds.
It was a scattered day, a lot of not knowing where I was going or what I was doing. Went to Grand Rounds and nearly fell asleep, came back and did staff rounds, then wrote up my discharge summary for my patient, who is going home today.
She's an elderly diabetic with a touch of paranoid personality disorder who doesn't take her meds very regularly. Came in with a BP of 200/100, dangerously high, and leg pain. We've worked her up for blood clots and found none, so she's going home on pain meds, a repeated exhortation to take her pills, and a new inhaler for her COPD.
Unsatisfying, except that she seemed so much happier with the subtle change in BP and the pain medications we gave her. This is the frustrating part of medicine, O Best Beloved. If she took her meds she wouldn't be in the hospital. We take off so many toes and feet, amputate and bypass and alter and mend the things that shouldn't ever have been broken. We do so much because people won't do it themselves.
Take your medications. Control your blood sugars. Be good to your body. If it hurts, take care of it. If it stinks, clean it. These are not difficult things, O Best Beloved. Not really.

I'm still sick, myself. A steady diet of sleep and liquids should make me feel better, I hope, but at the moment I'm not very productive and it frustrates me. I lack the intellectual capacity to study, despite really wanting to know my stuff and do well. I lack the energy to exercise; walking down the hallway winds me and sends me into a fit of coughing. It'll be sinusitis or bronchitis if I'm not careful, and that means antibiotics. Ick.

So I'll take tonight off, and go to bed around ten or so, get up and come in to find the Medicine Carry-over sheet, somewhere in the ED. And then I can work up my patient in the morning, or at least get vitals.

turnberryknkn asked me about the teddy bear icon from the previous post. It's not so much teddy bears as it is all stuffed animals, but Dash (the bear in the picture) is special to me because he was a present from daimones a long long time ago. I took him everywhere when I first got him. That particular picture comes from a high school band trip to the east coast, and I was mostly-sleeping on the bus when someone got hold of a camera.

My throat is starting to hurt again - the only time it doesn't is when I'm eating. Angel is at choir and bells. I'm on call Friday night, I won't see him until Saturday. I think he's going to do something to Jen to get her out of the picture for RP so it can go on...I just want to curl up with my Angel on our new couch and not feel so cold and shivery and alone.

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