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Pretty, pretty Piccyart (click the title to see)...
And following of course, I write. Crossposted to my quasi-writing journal (nimhue), which I rarely keep up properly.

Steel and SorrowCollapse )

Skipped church this morning due to a migraine. Benadryl and Aleve made me feel better, and I got around to putting ribbons on my ripped jeans, which I am now wearing happily. They look cool.

Yesterday was an expensive day; we were going out just to eat and get tickets for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at the Civic, but we ate at Cebolla's, which is just next door to a furniture place that's going out of business. And we went in, figuring there would be nothing left.
We came out with a couch/loveseat combo for the front room, complete with recliners and a massage/heat option. It was $2000, but it's nice furniture, and very pretty. And we needed furniture, it was going to happen eventually. Nonetheless, spending $4000 on a new furnace and $2000 on new furniture makes me cringe. No more spending for Nykkits.
Fortunately, we're running out of things that I can justify buying :)

Decided yesterday afternoon to have an impromptu Not-A-Superbowl-Party party this afternoon/evening, and thus I should get downstairs and peek at wings and meatballs and such. Anyone (and I mean anyone) who's within visiting distance of Fort Wayne is, as usual, invited. You can text message me (see my userinfo page) if you need a call with directions and all.

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