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What passes for a day passes far away...

Changed my mind about studying in Indy last night, and took off on a moment's notice to come home.
Came home, snuggled up to Angel, and fell asleep after just one chapter's worth of questions. It's a sedative couch we have in the family room. Went to bed sometime around 10 or so. Woke up around 7 or 8 this morning and came to work with him, where I have taken over the spare desk in the office to finish my 500 questions from Pretest: Surgery.
And I have finished them, all 500. I probably have a 60-70% average on them; I am toying with the idea of doing them all over again just to see how well I do, but my time would probably be better spent going over my Surgery Pearls, reading up on the abdomen in my NMS Medicine book, and generally reviewing.

We decided last night that the 4 hours of travel time were not going to be wasted; I have studied through today almost without breaks, knowing that Angel is right nearby. He's going to quiz me for a while from my Recall book tonight as well. And then tomorrow...

Tomorrow, 0830-1130, 100 questions, board shelf exam. When I get out of that, I go to get my picture taken for yearbook and residency applications (when I get a copy I'll scan it for you, O Best Beloved), then to the class meeting where we'll figure out all these fourth-year electives (this weekend I need to send e-mails and letters to see if I can arrange a month elective in France and a month in Nicaragua), then to Hospital Day, where I can replenish my pens and such. Then a weekend with no guilt about not studying, and I don't have to be in until 0900 on Monday...
I need to sign up for Boards. I'm waiting on that until I can be sure they'll be in a month when I have either Radiology or vacation...June or July, it looks like. So soon...

And now I've wasted my allotted playtime talking about the work I have to do, so I'm going to go hug my Angel and then return to studying - reading my Pearls, I think. Yes. I'll read my Pearls.
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