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Morning has broken...

Posting poetry, now a bit of a real entry (is this my third today, or my second? I can't recall) before trauma rounds potentially begin at 11.
It's cold here in Indianapolis, cold and snowy. It snowed Sunday, pouring inches upon inches of snow onto my car, and then it frozen-rained yesterday and snowed last night. IPS and Marion County schools are closed. I drove carefully, after spending 15 minutes chipping the ice off Michel-Ange, and took 45 on a 20-minute drive. It's amazing that our pagers have been so quiet.

Yesterday: one trauma, a gentleman who was stabbed the previous day in the chest. His uncle wouldn't take him to the ER at the time, so he took packing tape and a gauze pad and taped it up. Today his wife made him come in, and we got called because "penetrating trauma to the chest" is a criterion for Code77. We shot a chest X-ray, debated the merits of him having a pneumothorax, and finally decided he didn't. So I taped some gauze back over his wound, told him to use real tape and to come back if it got infected, and we went on.
The cool thing was that none of the new interns have trauma pagers, the old interns were over at another hospital, and the chief was in the OR with Scott, so Zach, the midlevel, and I were the only people there. Oh, and staff and the floater. But I felt genuinely useful, as Zach was late due to being in the bathroom.

Other cool things yesterday: very few. As previously stated, rounds were painful. Rounds, I anticipate, will continue to be painful. But there's only a day and a half left.

Cool things this morning: the gentleman who came upstairs to die yesterday afternoon (I'll tell that story eventually, really) is improving, awake, and making urine. He may very well survive, against all odds. Hallelu.
Updating may be sporadic to cryptic this week, as Friday is the big exam and yesterday's score on 50 questions came out a 32%. Surgery is all bloody medicine, but they don't teach us any of it, so I'm stuck outlining again, and outlining takes time. Speaking of which, I'm going to go migrate to the SICU and do a little more studying.

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