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Today, I am a masochist.

When are you on, AE? Tomorrow night. Mind if I come hang out with you? No, that's cool.

So tomorrow night I'll be taking call all night with the midlevel. Tonight I came home and did Curves (go me), read some chapters in Blueprints, and will be going to bed shortly, after I relate a few triumphs:

Triumph the First: I was sitting with the other medical students in between rounds and trauma rounds when DC came by. "Hey, Nykki! I've got a favour to ask..." Sure, anything. "Can you go over to the PICU and talk to Ms. X? She's refusing all her psych meds and won't tell us what she was on at home. And you're good with people, see if you can figure out what she's taking?"
So I went. And she wouldn't talk to me either, but I tried. And DC said "I knew you'd do at least as well as I would, and you're more sympathetic." I don't know how he picked up all that, but it made me feel incredibly proud.
Triumph the Second: I successfully presented my trauma patient I'm following to staff not once, but twice today - BW had me present her on Trauma rounds, and again in M&M (just Trauma M&M) in the afternoon. I didn't get everything right, I forgot the chest X-ray and the sequence of everything, but EH said I did well. And those moments when you're presenting during staff rounds and they stop every two sentences - "She came in like this, so what should you do?" - were fast and furious, and I managed to survive it with a little help from my friends. I survived.
Triumph the third: Made it to Curves. Scale this weekend weighed me at 6 lbs lighter than 2 weeks ago; walking half a freakin' mile to and from my car is good exercise.

Friday I'm to go to the IAFP Board of Trustees business dinner and then Sunday to the IAFP Board of Directors business lunch; I'm a sort of figurehead at these things but it earned me a scholarship from Rush County to smile and be cute, and the residents won't forget me. I'll come home after that and spend the weekend at home (don't let me forget to study) before launching into my last week of surgery. I'm so flippin' glad.

Did I mention I cleaned the garage Monday? It was a good day, in which I suddenly realised once more what an angel I married.
Also watched staff vent spleen in M&M, at my chief. Thankfully not at me. Was disturbing.

And now it's bedtime - Wednesdays are long days, and I'll be on call on top of it all. Good night, O Best Beloved. Have, as we say in surgery, a quiet night.

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