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One for the road....

The other day, several months ago, in the hospital:
Cue me, sitting at a random charting/nurses workstation desk in the back room of the Infant ward, writing notes. The telephone rings.
Me: Infant workroom, this is Nykki.
Caller: Hi, this is Dr. XYZ, and I was paged about three hours ago. I've been in surgery and just got out. Anyone around there who paged me?
Me: Um, I'm not sure, Doctor. Just a moment.
I go up front and ask the nurses if anyone paged Dr. XYZ. They all, unsurprisingly, say no. I look around a bit before returning to the phone.
Me: No, sir, they seem to have left.
Caller: Hm, figures. All right, well, if you see anyone who paged me, tell them to page me again. I'm going home.
Me: Yes, sir, I'll do that.
We hang up.

Hospitals are big places. Academic institutions are even bigger. All of the 30 kids on the Infant unit are being managed by a minimum of 2 different teams, usually more like 5. All of those teams have at least four residents, plus attendings, plus medical students. We all have things to do, even the medical students.
Three hours after you got the page? Why even bother? Surely, after four years of college, four years of medical school, and at least seven years of surgical residency you'd know better.

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