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World: 2, Nykkit: 2

World: 1) Got rear-ended pulling out of school today. I stop a little past the stop sign, just to be legal, even though there was no oncoming traffic, and wham. Quite a jolt, at that. So I shut the car off, get out, check my range of movement in my neck, no pain, no stiffness, no tenderness, and go back to see what kind of damage has been done.
The girl was...well, the girl was cute who rear-ended me, driving a car the same size as mine. We look at our bumpers, I ask if she's okay, she asks if I am, we both are, and there's no damage to the cars. Whew. So we shake hands and go on our ways.

Nykkit: 1) I stopped at the flower shop on the way home, and they have the yellow roses with the red tips, the ones that approximate the rose colour known as "Peace". And so I got a dozen for my Angel, who has been so incredibly supportive - at the cost of his own free time even. Cost an arm and a leg, but they're so beautiful and so hard to find. And I got the vase and all home without destroying them. Go me.

World: 2) Coming up Harrison, crossing Jefferson. There are two lanes: a left-turn-only lane, and a straight/right turn lane. The left lane is in a direct line with the straight ahead lane on the other side of the street, while the straight lane, if you don't veer leftish, runs you into parked cars. Follow? So the bitch in her grey Cadillac who's in the left-turn lane decides she wants to go straight. I'm trying to juggle flowers and stick shift and accelerating, and all of a sudden I'm stuck between a Cadillac and a parked minivan. I hit the brakes, veer around into the lane behind her, and honk my horn. Bitch looks over her shoulder and gives me a dirty look, then goes on talking to her poofy-haired friend in the passenger seat.
She had an Allen County license plate. And it's not like there isn't a giant left turn arrow right there.

While I'm on the topic:
People who, when I am in the right lane, pull up in the left lane and edge out into the intersection during a red light, so I can no longer see oncoming traffic to make a right turn on red, piss me off. Same for people who think that they need to be in front of me at a T intersection, if I'm turning right and they're turning left. Look: I am in the right lane. If the light turns green, we both get to go. Otherwise, I will be able to turn either before or at the same time as you, no matter when your lane clears, because I need one clear lane of traffic, and you need two. So let me see, and when I go, you know that the near lane of traffic is clear and can check the far. Not difficult.

Nykkit: 2) Pharmacology exam scores are in:
Class average: 81%, +/- 9.
Me: 81%!

This brings my average in the class up to a 76%. Which is one point better than passing. This is also the first Pharm exam this year that I've passed on my own merits (i.e. before a curve is applied). *dances*

Now I'm going to go eat my chicken noodle soup and be happy.

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