I whisper your name (ayradyss) wrote,
I whisper your name

Ah, home at last....

Angel: Jen now appears to be watching porn.
Phloxin makes noises.
Quin (as Joseph): She never did that with me...

As Joseph gets electrocuted:
Dash: It's only body hair, it'll grow back.
Angel: Four health levels worth of body hair.
Me: What are you, a fuckin' yeti?
You must understand, I mispronounced 'yeti' with a long 'I'
Angel: Yeti? What's that? A cross between a jedi and a yeti?
Phloxin makes sand-creature noises and feigns waving a lightsaber.

Quinby: He gives her a dead stare.
Me: Or a soon-to-be-dead stare.

Josh: I thought we came to kill these two people.
Angel: They're their ex-es. There's a lot of emotional baggage.
Josh: Me, I found that emotional baggage tends to disappear in the heat of a firefight. Later, however, there will be time for grieving, mourning, thinking 'Hey, maybe I shouldn't've put five bullets into his head at point blank'...

Dash: Somewhere there's a golem going 'oh, baby...'

Angel: Oration does not count as sex.
Me: At least, not the way Joseph does it.

Angel: It started as a conversation, became a melee, and now is a mess.

Dash: Pain. Pain is always a good way to react to being set on fire.

Angel: Do you want to actively struggle? You can roll your one strength against her one strength.

Phloxin (bedecked in diamonds, striking a pose): I am Cartier.

James: What's the scene?
Dash: Painful.

Angel: Well, your mind mage is unconscious with the sign of the Beast on his forehead.

Me: Don't click my nipple, goddamnit!

Dash: I'm sorry, Nykki, I broke your mechanical pencil.
Me: That's okay, it was $5 for twenty-four of them.
David: That means you owe her eighteen cents, biatch!
Dash does some calculations with Phloxin while conversation continues.
Oh, and by the way it's twenty-one cents. Bitch.

Dash: I made absolutely no contribution at all to the events of the night; I get all the cool lines, damn it.

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