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Made it in this morning at 0615, as promised. Got into scrubs, looked at the board, went up to 4 N to meet Joerg. The man is all about surgery; I don't think I at my most anal-retentive during Peds Surg could have outpaced him. He took night call willingly during his rotations. Me, I'd only do that for Peds or FP. In fact, I'd like to be a resident on call for FM, as opposed to this blasted Surgery. Especially if I got to get to go home to my Angel.
I did nothing last night - nothing but wish I were home with him, just to feel the comfort of being near him. Stared at the screen of Tinuviel and chatted, ate a few more muffins - Lindy made me muffins when I fixed her Pocket PC - and somehow it was 10 PM and I went to bed. I should have studied - I have a Netter I could have gone over and done some anatomy review - but I just couldn't bring myself to do more than a halfhearted review of Gray's.
I still feel a bit mopey and blah, but part of that, I'n sure, is that I'm starving and not sleeping enough. But this morning I did get myself motivated enough to go over our finances. The last of the student loans covered the last of the house debts from moving quite nicely. Now the goal is to keep the credit cards at a nice $0 balance so that my summer loans will go toward a vacation in Hawaii. This would be just after I take my National Boards, and would be a chance to spend some real Quality Time with my Angel. We have been seriously lacking in Quality Time.

I said I'd tell you about the Prophet of the Second Coming yesterday. It was as we were going into Detention for the first time. The doors to Detention and to the mental health wing (the Psych ward, for the non-Politically Correct) are right next to each other in this hospital. And as we came in, we encountered two uniformed officers and a man in a parka. Parka turns to us and says "Good morning. I am the prophet of the Second Coming, anal it will be soon." He went on to explain to us in a most reasonable tone of voice that before the Apocalypse, the United States would come under the control of the Soviet Union, and I think he said something about Gorbachev and the root of all evil, but we were through the door to Detention and the solid steel closed behind us, cutting him off.

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