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Oh, what a day it's been...

Took a Benadryl last night for the impending migraine. Took another this morning. It's still lingering at the edge of my mind, but my mind has been occupied by other things today.
Called Mom last night, and the surgery that I didn't tell any of you about because I've been terrible about updating went well. She got an arthroscopic repair of some damage to her medial meniscus from a fall. She'll be up and about in no time, hopefully. She sat up and watched it all, more or less. Angel says: "Of course she did, she's your mom."

Went in this morning to the Plastic Surgery lecture - the one that nobody showed up to lecture at the week before break. It was cancelled due to AV problems. For once, I sat on my butt and said not a word as he fiddled with his machine and the AV cables. I didn't want to be there, and I didn't want to help anyone. Bloody migraine.
Spent the hour that would have been lecture sleeping off part of the headache. Went to Michel-Ange, flooded him (he's very sensitive in cold weather) and wound up walking across campus to the hospital again. It was 6 flippin' degrees out, windchill to -17, and by the time I got there I couldn't feel my nose, my cheeks, or my thighs. Stupid winter. Got in, thawed out, and found myself in the Anaesthesia Control Center, waving my evaluation form around. "Anyone want to sign my evaluation?"
Sure, says one of the chiefs, whom I never ever worked with. He signs it, gives me high marks, and comments that I'm a "solid performer." Damn right I am.
Wound up in a room with an intern, which meant that mostly she made me get out of the way. "Do you know how to draw up meds?" In theory. I haven't really done it. This is your cue, O Resident, to say "Okay, just..." And give me a quick explanation/reminder. Not say "Oh. I'll just do it myself." and shove me out of the way again. No wonder the anaesthesia nurse referred to you as 'a first-year with an attitude'.
I watched her start an IV, bag-mask ventilate (for pete's sake, I can do that too), intubate, and do the spinal. Staff wound up doing the spinal, as he was 87 and arthritic as heck. And then the staff anaesthesiologist looks at me and says "You want to put the NG down?" Do I? Do I ever!
It went...well, the first time it got caught in his throat and coiled up in his mouth, and the second time it got stuck on something, and the third time we got it to go down right, and she sympathised with me for being in a room with a first-year who didn't let me do anything, and said I'd done well. I left Taika at home, so I couldn't have her sign off on it, but she said to come back and she'd be happy to. I think I'll see if a Surgery resident will do it for me. They're usually pretty laid-back. The residents will sign anything, just to help us get through the rotation.
Was excused around 11 to take a break (on a hemicolectomy that's scheduled until 1 and hasn't even got the surgeons in the room yet), ran into Michelle as I was walking out the door, and had lunch at Riley with her. Turned around and went back to the VA (this campus has too bloody many hospitals - there's Riley, Uni, the Wiz, the VA, and Methodist) to get my watch, which I'd left in my scrub pocket in the laundry. If it weren't a Timex, I wouldn't have bothered, it was that cold out. Also found the EKG pad I'd nabbed because I always wanted to play with the gel inside them. Played until the gel was destroyed - all of about five minutes. It's cool and squishy and sticks to your fingers, and I loves it.

Slept, mostly, instead of studying for the Anaesthesia exam. My head hurt. My throat still feels funny from throwing up my water this morning, but at least that made my stomach stop trying to turn itself inside-out. I hate being nauseated. Woke up and scanned over a few things without seeing them. I don't care.
Went to the exam at 1400, exited it 26 multiple-choice questions later at 1420. One bonus question, which I'm certain I got right because I was warned about it. 25 regular questions, 3 I was unsure about, 3 I wasn't 100% certain about, and all of those were stupid drug questions. So overall feeling fine. Have made my way to the medical library, where I returned my anaesthesia book.

Some luser installed a horrible horrible adult search bar on this computer; my search options on the bar I can't remove (I need admin privs) are Gambling, Health (special Viagra section), Money, V-Dating, and a Mode - Main/Adult - that does nothing. It's been popping up horrible horrible ads for sex sites the whole time I've been typing this, O Best Beloved. And I have a very high tolerance for sex sites. But havens, I'm in a flippin' library. I think it's also what's slowing this Pentium 4 to the speed of a P-II.

After this, I am going to swing by S's and drop off my stuff, then go up to Curves (because I told jaderose I was going to, so now I have to) and see if I can weasel them into letting me go on Thursday as well. My travel card expires today, and I really do intend to keep my resolution of going 3 times a week. But that's hard to do if I don't have a travel card.

Finished the prologue to Michel's backstory (It's pronounced with a K, if you wanted to know - Mik-el) and will post his character sheet as soon as I get an HTML format I like. Will probably float that on top of the page or link to a web copy or something. Frums, rumour has it, might have an online character sheet/blog client in the making. I wish I still had time to code like that.

< random >My porn site popupmakerthingy just popped up an AOL ad. AOL has now sunk to new depths in my estimation. And fyrfitrmedic posted a beautiful Mars Rover picture that demands I go back and read Bradbury's Martian Chronicles soon.  I love Bradbury, and Mars always makes me think of him.
This might be the impetus I needed to go and get an Indianapolis Public Library card.  Might.  But I'll have to find the IPL, and I'll have to do that after I go to Curves this afternoon.  Which I am about to do, really truly.< /random >

There are still so many things I haven't mentioned, O Best Beloved, but I'll get to them when I get to them.  If I don't get my lazy butt moving soon I'll sit here all afternoon...and besides, I want to exercise before my headache comes back.

Current weather: 11º.  Winds W, 16 mph.  It's cold.


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