I whisper your name (ayradyss) wrote,
I whisper your name

A few thoughts...

Went to bed last night around 0200-0230. Way too late for having to leave at 0900 this morning. A bit too early to catch a dear friend of mine who peeked on, then posted, withdrawing from conversation. I wish now I'd stayed up.

NYE quotes are half-typed. Someone reminded me about the 8 computer simulations in anaesthesia that I need to be doing before Tuesday, and the exam I haven't studied for again, so this afternoon after we get back from family Christmas I'll be doing those. And maybe reading, although I'm tempted to go straight to Pearls as this book is too damned long for me to have procrastinated it like I did.

This year, O Best Beloved, I want to get back in shape, or at least use my Curves membership semi-regularly; apply Mike's two-hour rule to studying (every night, sit down and do nothing but study for two hours, then go live your life) with a half-hour, then break modification where necessary to keep me focussed; and keep the credit cards where they are after spending almost my entire loan check clearing them, so that my summer loan will pay for a trip to Hawaii.

This year I want to have a life again by fall.

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