November 9th, 2008

Me and dash

"I'm going to get in trouble for being snarky on the mic."

This one's for you, Tony :D

$rural_er again today.  Medics listening to the radio - no hurry, no fuss, just back from a run.  And I didn't catch what happened exactly until they came back, in a huff, rolling their eyes.

$next_county signals.  Adult male, unresponsive, not breathing.  First responders (fire trucks and basic life support) calling, headed to the scene.  Closest EMS is already on a run.  And then nobody else calls in.  My medics pick up the mic.  "This is $county, did you notify $next_county EMS?"  
We're signalling them now.
$county, $next_county has been advised.
"Does that mean we can disregard the call?"
$county, use your discretion.
So they went, because nobody knew if an ambulance was on the way with anyone who could do advanced support or not.  And it's a medic call.

"I get out there," he says, "and there's four ambulances, and guys standing around chatting.  And I said 'is there a medic with the patient?'  And they said yeah, so I was like 'shit, we're outta here'.  And we left.  And I picked up the mic and said 'you can tell anyone coming to the scene to signal-9.  And she says, '$county, all responders are at the scene'.  And I said 'I believe that, dispatch.'  And we came home."
And then came the signoff - patient refusing treatment, refuses transport.  Everyone go home. 
Turns out, the story goes, someone was smoking morphine patches.  Morphine suppresses respirations.  Once he got an oral airway, bag ventilated, reoxygenated and woke up, he chased them all out.  Price of stupidity, folks.

In other news, Miricup got her arm stuck in her pajamas the other day and said "Oh no! My arm is stuck!"  It was very cute.

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