July 17th, 2008

Nescafe rabbit

Baby central....

I've delivered five babies in the last week, or at least five babies have been delivered to patients under my care. One was a patient I inherited from a previous resident (note: when planning a c-section for after you leave, check with the doctor who will be doing said c-section as a courtesy before scheduling), one spontaneous labor that got my clinic cancelled for the afternoon, before we went to c-section at 5 pm. Baby came out like some kind of infant twister, neck extended, head cocked, holding the cord. "No wonder he wouldn't come down..." my attending mused.
Then there was the 2am section while I was working in the ER, and the VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) that I ran up two flights of stairs for only to arrive as they were putting the infant on the warmer. 90 minutes from arrival in triage to baby delivery, can't beat that.
Four hours after that I'm fielding the answering service call: "Your patient thinks her water broke." And it had, and at 2 am on Saturday we had our baby.
I've had nobody in the hospital since Sunday afternoon and two first-timerd due next week, while I'm going to be in Philly. I was anticipating peace and quiet.
So wrong, I was.

Second-to-last patient of the day. Primip (first pregnancy) due next week. I'm doing the obligatory cervical check and telling her that at 2cm and 80% effaced she had a way to go. "Get-dressed-checkout-slip-outside-the-door..." I went to see the next patient. Before I get through the staffing room my nurse drags me back. "She thinks her water broke."
It had, she was thrilled, and by the time she got across the street to L&D she was contracting away. I signed into a call room, figuring on a 3 or 4 am delivery, and settled in to wait.
5 hours later I barely had the bed broken down in time to catch the baby.

I only have one more patient due this month. Maybe I should call her in and induce her just to get it over with...