May 10th, 2006


Surgery block.

M and J are pregnant. Our head faculty is starting to look nervous - two incoming first-years due in November, one soon-third-year in November and one in December. We did the fertility dance out in the hallway. I want a baby.

Admitted my least favourite patient to the hospital and sent her home yesterday. Lab called this morning with positive blood cultures. What to do? She's allergic to all sorts of antibiotics, and going to the hospital makes her break down. I give up, will call my staff and beg him to help me think. Today, I just don't want to.

Coming soon: a little talk about surgery and the things it makes me think of. I have a nice attending. He doesn't make me work too hard.

Also coming soon: We are going to Washington, DC for the weekend for Angel's sister's wedding. I'm looking forward to it - I need some vacation.

Incidentally, I've acquired a reasonable handful of new people who've friendslisted me. Welcome! Where did you come from?