November 3rd, 2005

Nescafe rabbit

I will bring my light to them...

Listening to Ursula K. Le Guin on my long drives to my rural site, courtesy, where I am a Paying Member. Two free audiobook downloads a month means that I and my complicated iPod-radio-charger setup have something to do during my car rides, namely getting immersed in the world of Earthsea. It has been good. Relaxing. It has been years since I opened my three grey-blue slim volumes and delved into Sparrowhawk's mind, long enough that I only vaguely remember plots and characters. That is refreshing.

Today my doctor left the room after instructing me to remove a skin tag; sent the nurse in, went about seeing the next patient. I felt good. We have mostly seen checkups, as his patients average somewhere around 70 years old, and all of them are hypertensive and diabetic and old. I am learning geriatric medicine as well as the fine art of how to be a real family doctor - remembering jobs and children and parents and the complex tangle of interrelationships. There is much more of the psychosocial than the bio in medicine, sometimes.

Today I present on laryngomalacia and have a full clinic of my own. Then Friday is the in-training exam. Then a blessed weekend.
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