August 2nd, 2005

Toledo doorway

No gentle way to answer the question.

Message in my box: please call $patient re: lab results.

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I forgot things about phones. I forgot to make sure she was at a good point to talk, not driving, things like that. I am always a little awkward on the telephone, and I am afraid of how that came across. I am consumed with me now, that strange introversion that comes with a new and uncomfortable experience, putting it on, testing the fit. I have decided already that I do not like being the deliverer of bad news; I like it even less over the telephone. I doubt I will ever be comfortable with it, and I don't think I should be. But at the least I can do it well, I can maybe ease the sting as much as possible, and I do not think that today I did it as well as I could have.
What say you?
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