July 26th, 2005

Modern Art

Just like *snap* that.

Came in this morning to a flurry of folks erasing names from the board, writing numbers, "NTBCP", where once were station and dilation and effacement and did you want an epidural? Four deliveries in the hour or so before I came on duty, and M looking mighty tired. He always looks tired; he's not all that interested in OB and thus attracts all the busy nights. I walked into the triage room to meet the last of the early-morning triage, nice couple, very sweet, 1-2 cm but SROM'd. (That's "spontaneous rupture of membranes", which is doctor for "her water broke at home".) So that bought her a birthing bed, since the chance of chorioamnionitis goes up and up and up as you get further and further from rupture without delivering, and we started some pitocin, and talked about cats. People I like. Doing well on pitocin, promising to be a good delivery and with a proctor who lets the residents deliver.
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But sometimes it happens, just that fast.