June 8th, 2005

Modern Art

My brain is broken.

The new fridge is here. They came and moved the old one out to the garage like I asked, they tried to hook up the water line, but the fittings don't, so I need to get a new one. For now it's dripping into the spaghetti pan from last night; I turned off the water to it but that doesn't seem to matter.
Two charges to the Sears mastercard that Angel swears aren't ours. Can't find the card - it was in storage in the box of important things in the kitchen - said box is here, but I can't find the important things that were in it. Angel is no help; all he remembers is "Umm... I handed you the things from it and you put it in a box somewhere." Angel is no help anyway at the moment, he's at work and when he's not at work I've forgotten all the thousand things that need to be done.
[Edit: Angel called, they're reissuing the cards and sending us an affadavit to sign, as I am no longer uncertain - I know I did not make the third charge that was made to the card.]

It's a nice fridge.
I have no place to put incoming mail, no place to keep important papers except down on my computer desk where I demanded filing slots, and no sense of pride and acccomplishment right now.
I want to go home. I don't want to be a doctor, I don't want to be a housewife, I just want to hide away in a tiny dark corner forever and ever and ever.

clypheous, I'm shaping my day poorly. Make it stop.
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Hush angel

Back in gear...

I cut the end of the old hose off, complete with fittings, and took it to Lowe's. I found one of the grandfatherly types scanning boxes in the "Plumbing" section. He was wearing a red "Lowe's" vest. I am a great fan of uniforms in large stores. Are you busy? "Not too busy for you," he answers. I need one of these. "Ah," he says, "and that's a good one. It's called a 'ferrule'." (I looked it up when I got home). He led me to the section involving all manner of pipe and tube fittings, found my ferrules, and got me on my way, a whole $0.83 poorer.
The fridge, O Best Beloved, had leaked out of my spaghetti pan and all over the kitchen floor. Apparently, the little valve on the water line that is supposed to shut it off, doesn't. So I turned off the house water (I know how to do this!) and then I mopped the kitchen up (wondering all the while if the Pergo was rotting as I worked), hooked the ferrule onto the hose and screwed the end caps together, then went downstairs and turned the house water on and opened the little valve.
It is not leaking. I don't know if it's making ice, I think some time has to elapse before ice can be made. But it is not leaking.

Angel is handling calling the Mastercard people (as he is primary cardholder).

I have markers for the dry-erase board. I have put things on it. I have squeezed another ounce of blood out of a stone and found a card to put my AAFP conference registration on for July, and even set up the Fax machine all by myself - now if only the accursed thing would not insist that the fax on the other end was not responding.

It will cost enough money ($40 each) to get garage door openers for the ancient Sears garage door that I think it would be cheaper to install a new one ($140). But I got one anyway. It can wait.
Deposited check into bank account. That feels good.
It's a slightly less-dark corner now, O Best Beloved.
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