April 18th, 2005

Notre Dame des Dons

A moment to ponder.

Humanitarian group founder killed in Iraq.
For those of you who grew up Brethren, the first thing that came to mind was "Brave Man from Ohio".

Weekend spent meeting with the IAFP Bylaws committee and doing things like removing the language in our bylaws that reserves our right to be even more of a maverick state than we have already garnered reputation for (8 hours, including driving); Angel replacing a panel on the garage door; enlisting our friends to help remove furniture (thank you everyone); celebrating a birthday for ellisande; packing up dishes and towels and that sort of thing; panicking and reaching the point of apathy over packing.
Also, we went to dinner at a Japanese restaurant and spent too much money but had yummy food. Our waitress was from the Phillipines, and very talkative. It was a full weekend. I am exhausted.

Today, I start Dermatology.
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One thing after another...

Dermatology: Drove out to the office at 0730. Was told to report to the other office, as there's something special about the North Office that means I can't follow Dr. G there. So I reported to the other office, met the PA (fantastic) and the other Dr. Watched Mohs Surgeries all morning.
It is eerie, O Best Beloved, to watch an experienced dermatologist peeling the skin from someone's face - a triangle, 4 cm by 4 cm by 4 cm, off of the jaw of an otherwise fairly pretty woman - and then chopping it into little bits for frozen section. It is startling how little blood there is. It is even more eerie to watch that gaping hole contract down, after three quick stitches, to a "Y" incision closed by quick locking running whips with 4-0 PDS. It leaves a little pull at the corner of the mouth; a little pucker at the wound. They'll go away, he reassures me.

It will be a good two weeks. I get an hour for lunch, and The nurses love me already.
Now if the carpet would only come in.
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Kendo mouse

Please do not give the graduating student a heart attack, kthxbye.

Attached at the end of this message is an alphabetical listing of graduates by degree type that you should print and bring with you to the Dome.  (The attachment can be opened easily using the Webmail format.) This will be the order of diploma distribution so it is important that you align yourselves in this order for the processional.  After the ceremony, you will be directed by faculty marshals to recess to the robing area.  Immediately upon recessing behind the curtain, you should step out of the line (remaining in alphabetical order, A near the curtain, Z toward the revolving door).

Open attachment. My name is not there. It takes me several minutes of frantic searching before I notice that neither are the names of any of my classmates there. Several seconds later, I notice a name I am familiar with - L, who graduated last year. It's the wrong list, attached.

I almost died, right then, O Best Beloved. I really did.
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