February 1st, 2005

Modern Art

Did you start so slowly to ease the pain?

For those of you who don't want the bite-sized morsels: http://www.mistwalker.org/~vita/stories/completed/nicaraguita.doc

11 January

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I found my way to the office this morning, despite ignoring my Angel's directions. I presented myself, was oriented, played the game of here-and-there, took down names, instructions, drove around town. I have a badge, now, and no idea what I'm going to be doing this month. It will involve surgery and OB. I will be back in scrubs and holding retractors, I think. I will have sporadic hours, and late ones, and I will see babies and it's going to be all right, O Best Beloved. I think it'll work out.

Xev is speaking to me again. When I came home from Nicaragua both cats ran from me and hid, at every opportunity. Now at least Xev comes wanting loved on once more. This means she gets in the way of the computer, but what can you do?

Lunch is over. Back to work.

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