January 30th, 2005

Toledo doorway

A teaser...

I'll post a link to the downloadable Word document for those who want it in one lump sum, as soon as one lump sum is done, which will most likely be as soon as I'm done with the next few flights. I've got 3/4 of it done. The rest of you will get a couple entries a day, like watercress sandwiches.

In the meantime: The conference went well, including an excursion with a handful of Dartmouth students to a bar called "The Library," where we were surprised to discover scantily-clad "librarians" dancing on the bar. We had a good time regardless. We even went to the STFM dance and had a marvellous time. I will detail all of that at some later time. Right now, I give you the first night's entry.

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