October 21st, 2004

Palais des Papes

You'd never know I used to -be- tech support.

So over the last few months - since the beginning of September or so - I've been noticing that now and then someone who normally would be quite prompt about responding to an e-mail would fail to respond at all.  It's always faculty.  It's always relatively important.
Gremlins, I decided, were stealing my e-mail.
What actually happened, as I discovered only today, to my horror, was that somewhere back in August I managed to request an Exchange e-mail account.  It was created for me.  I didn't know that when it was created (and I promptly forgot that I'd pushed that button) all e-mails from Exchange users would go to that account.
All the faculty are on Exchange.
I was informed about the existence of this account today, after sending a desperate plea yesterday to Tech Support when I called my advisor to find out why she hadn't e-mailed me back with approval for a course switch I knew she would approve of.  "I did send it.  I sent it a week ago."  She forwarded me the e-mail, to my school account and to my Gmail, at my request.  Gmail came.  School account didn't.  I e-mailed tech support.
After all, that's what tech support is for.

I found out about my Exchange account.  I logged in.  There is the response from my advisor; the response from the Financial Aid Wizard about being able to add $800 to my scholarship to cover my insurance, did I want to do that; the e-mail from Financial Aid telling me that I had had loans released without signing a P-note and would I please sign a P-note before my account was frozen for the school and my loans revoked? The e-mail telling me that my mentoring group was to meet on September 24th, and could I RSVP if I was not going to be there; the snarky e-mail telling me that in the future, could I please have some courtesy and RSVP if I was not going to be present for a meeting where lunch was being purchased for me? The e-mail from the brand-new clerkship director for the Family Medicine Clerkship congratulating me on being named to the STFM Board of Directors, and could she do anything to help me out; the e-mail from the Director of the Department of Family Medicine congratulating me on being named to the STFM Board and when I had a chance, please drop by the Department, here's my administrative assistant's number, I'd love to spend some time with you; the e-mail reminding me that I hadn't filled out my Emergency Medicine Clerkship evaluation and could I please submit it so that my grade could be released?; the e-mail telling me that my advisor would like me to call the Department of Family Medicine so we could get together and talk...
Every important message that I should have received in the last two months or so was sitting there.  Unopened.

I spent an hour writing apologetic e-mails and begging forgiveness for not responding in a timely manner.  I am so mortified.

Other than that - and perhaps because that's been cleared up - the day has been wonderful.  I am only slightly worried because I was supposed to receive a package today and that package has not yet come.  I need to take it to Indy on Saturday morning with me; I hope it is here soon.
I have patient stories for you, O Best Beloved.  Patient stories and doctor stories and perhaps I will post them later tonight.  I have learned more than simply how to write admitting orders this week.  But t is dinner time, now, and I am terribly hungry.
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